lauantai 30. tammikuuta 2010

This is for you.

It's all for you, girl.
All that's done for you.
All those tears, all those lonely nights.
All the pain for you.
Just you.
And just because I realized that;
the worth of it all, is you.

After you came into my life, I've started to understand it better.
To see it more clearly, even behind tears that rolled down on my cheeks
every fuckin' time I thought you.
I was lonely.

And everytime you hugged me I thought that now I could die happy.
But then, something hit me. Something just came into my mind and said:
"Girl, you must be in love."
And yeah, I'm like that, still.

Still in love with you.
In love with yourself.
No one else.
Just you.
And just because of that,
I'm tellin' you this.
Girl, this all is for you.
I'm breathing, singing, walking, living...
just for you.

You know, All I see, is a perfect you.
You are perfect just the way you are now.
Because you are you. No one else but you.
And I love the way you are.

Please, don't leave me.
I need you here.

You give me a reason to live.
It's not a joke.
Even If I wanted to die, everytime I think about you,
I get the feeling: "Maybe there's some hope for me too"

And right now
I need you the most, 'cause I love you.
Hope you'll understand.
And Please forgive me that I'm like this...stupid, childish and always repeating myself.
Sorry and thanks...♥

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