maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

Oh sweet England how we love you!

Yo Everybody, Greetings From Bournemouth!♥

Okay, this is the 6th day here and I'm doin' pretty fine.
I've met so many different people of so many different nationalities and made pretty good friends with 'em. This studying is pretty tiring, but I like this town pretty much because it's in the south coast and the ocean is always near if you need something calming...

But yeah, So I'm here to study English. I have to wake up every morning at 6:30 am to get ready for school, because the bus trip takes an whole hour every fuckin' morning... Then well have classes for half a day, and something else for the other half. I hate this place's lunches 'cause it's always something like chips and white bread or chocolate or something... It's just too disgusting!

Last Saturday we were in London Sightseeing trip. That was just AWESOME! I love London so much... Next Saturday we'll have the shopping trip~♥

The Weather has been pretty good except those few rainy and cloudy days... But 'cause we're in England, the weather may suddenly change. But today the weather was sunny and warm and I liked it very much thank you. ♥

Well I really have done nothing but slept and shopped. I'm so damn tired all the time 'cause of this all the time changing weather and schoolwork. We must run all around the city finding something all the time and I'm gettin' tired of those yellow buses... Even though those are the only thing that are always in time!

But yeah, I'll promise to update you some photoes and stuff some day.
I'll say goodbye for now!

Greetings From England To All Of You!♥

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