torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011

Lies of the beautiful people.

Look at me
for the very last time

I've climbed so high
I've got no place left to climb

No, I know, no tomorrow

-Sunset Strip, by: Courtney Love-

Everyday I look out from the window and think...
What If I decided to stop breathing and just disappeared?
Would you people miss me?
Would you care?

Would you understand me then if you can't understand me at all even if I'm still breathing?

People think that Everything's okay.
Is that all you really want to hear?
I'm okay. I promise.
Happy now?

Even if inside of this little body of mine I'm crying,
vomiting out my filthy organs and still laughing at the same time because of this stupid pathetic self of mine.
Inside my mind there's madness raising glasses for my insanity.
Methodically it's destroying me, little by little.
It's eating my will to live continually.

But I'm Okay.
Isn't it hilarious?♥

This silent dying is just a slow way to have fun for a person who doesn't care anymore.

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